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The area around Camping La Serta offers a wealth of activities for nature and culture enthusiasts alike. From scenic hiking trails and breathtaking viewpoints to action-packed pastimes to historic landmarks and charming villages, there’s something to suit every taste. Explore the fascinating Ticino region and let yourself be enchanted by its diversity.

Our campsite ‘La Serta’ offers you the ideal starting point for unique nature experiences.

Monte San Salvatore

Hiking, mountains, and nature. The beauty of nature.

TICINO - Bellinzona, Castelgrande, Torre Bianca  e Torre Nera.

Bellinzona, Castelgrande, Torre Bianca und Torre Nera ('Weisser' und 'Schwarzer Turm').

Bellinzona, Castelgrande, Torre Bianca et Torre Nera (Tour 'Blanche' et Tour 'Noire').

Bellinzona, Castelgrande, 'Withe Tower' and 'Black Tower'.

Copyright by Ticino Turismo Byline: Steinegger

Castles of Bellinzona

The castles of Bellinzona are among the main attractions in Ticino. With the remaining remains of the old walls, they form a medieval bulwark.


Go Kart Locarno-Magadino

The Locarno-Magadino karting track symbolizes an original and entertaining experience.


Lido Ascona

Sandy beach, water slide, beach volleyball, raft and diving tower, playground.

TICINO - Panoramica notturna sulla citta di Lugano, Ticino.

Nacht-Panorama ueber die Stadt Lugano, Tessin.

Panorama nocturne sur la ville de Lugano, Tessin.

Panoramic night view over the city of Lugano, Ticino.

Copyright by Ticino Turismo Byline: Boggia


There is something enchanting about Lake Lugano. It's the wooded mountainsides, the narrow topography, and the sometimes dark, sometimes bright shimmering light of the lake and sky that make it so breathtaking. But also the mysterious water depth of almost 300 meters.

In the heart of shopping

Via Nassa in Lugano is the most attractive shopping street in Ticino.


Club Vanilla

Vanilla Club, owned by Enjoy Group, is the largest and most famous disco in Ticino.


Isole di Brissago

Beautiful islands in Lake Locarno with their own vegetation.

TICINO - Lugano, Panorama dal Parco San Michele con vista sul lago e San Salvatore.

Lugano, Panorama vom Parco San Michele mit Blick auf den See und San Salvatore.

Lugano, Panorama depuis Parco San Michele avec vue sur le lac et San Salvatore.

Lugano, Panorama on San Michele Park with view on the lake and San Salvatore.

Copyright by Ticino Turismo
Remy Steinegger

Lago Maggiore

Lake, Garden, Sanctuary, and Botanical Garden.

TICINO - Valle Verzasca, panoramica sul fiume Verzasca con il Ponte di Lavertezzo e la Chiesa di Santa Maria degli Angeli.

Verzascatal,Panorama auf den Fluss Verzasca mit der Lavertezzo-Bruecke und der Chiesa di Santa Maria degli Angeli.

Val Verzasca, panorama sur le fleuve Verzasca avec le pont de Lavertezzo et l¿eglise Santa Maria degli Angeli.

Verzasca Valley, panoramic view on the Verzasca river, Lavertezzo bridge and Santa Maria degli Angeli church.

Copyright by Ticino Turismo
Michele Tognola

Verzasca valley

This magically bright green of the Verzasca: like liquid jade, the water finds its way through the washed-out rocky landscape.

TICINO - Monte Tamaro, tirolese sull'alpe Foppa.

Monte Tamaro, Tyrolienne auf der Alp Foppa.

Monte Tamaro, tyrolienne sur l'alpe Foppa.

Monte Tamaro, tirolean on the alpe Foppa.

Copyright by Ticino Turismo
Edmondo Viselli


The Group Mountain Guides Ticino (GAT) is a mountain school that promotes mountain education, relying on a proven program with different proposals suitable for any interest.


Market in Locarno

On Thursday the market drivers stop in Locarno. In the Piazza Grande.


Luino market

The town of Luino on the left bank of Lake Maggiore is across the border crossing Dirinella in Gambarogno and can be reached quickly.

TICINO - Pietre modellate dal fiume Verzasca a Lavertezzo in Val Verzasca.

Felsige Bachlandschaft der Verzasca bei Lavertezzo im Verzascatal.

Pierres modelees par le fleuve Verzasca a Lavertezzo, dans la Val Verzasca.

Stones shaped by the Verzasca river in Lavertezzo, in Valle Verzasca.

Copyright by Ticino Turismo       Byline: Steinegger


The Maggia rises from the Basodino glacier at 3,300m above sea level and flows into Lake Maggiore between Locarno and Ascona. The Maggia Valley attracts many outdoor fans for bike tours and canyoning.

Monte Brè

You will be amazed by the view you can enjoy from here. The eye wanders from the roofs of Lugano over Monte Rosa to the Bernese and Valais Alps.