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Immerse yourself in the remarkable impressions of our campsite in Gudo, Ticino. Discover the beauty of nature and the cozy ambience. Pictures say more than words – look forward to unforgettable camping moments with us.

TICINO - Calpiogna, un villaggio montano sul versante settentrionale della Valle Leventina.

Bergdorf am Nordhang in der Leventina.

Village de montagne sur le versant septentrional de la Valle Leventina.

Mountain village on the northern side in Valle Leventina.

Copyright by Ticino Turismo       Byline: Steinegger
TICINO - Lungolago di Brissago.

Seepromenade in Brissago.

Promenade du Lac a Brissago.

Lake promenade in Brissago.

Copyright by Ticino Turismo
Christof Sonderegger
TICINO - Pietre modellate dal fiume Verzasca a Lavertezzo in Val Verzasca.

Felsige Bachlandschaft der Verzasca bei Lavertezzo im Verzascatal.

Pierres modelees par le fleuve Verzasca a Lavertezzo, dans la Val Verzasca.

Stones shaped by the Verzasca river in Lavertezzo, in Valle Verzasca.

Copyright by Ticino Turismo       Byline: Steinegger
TICINO - Una pista di ghiaccio da 700 m² in Piazza Grande a Locarno, per grandi e piccini che si dilettano nel pattinare in una cornice natalizia dall'atmosfera magica.

Eine Eisflaeche von 700 m² fuer Groß und Klein auf der Piazza Grande in Locarno - fuer alle, die Spaß am Eislaufen in einer magischen Atmosphaere im weihnachtlichen Rahmen haben.

Une piste de patinage sur glace de 700 m² sur la Piazza Grande de Locarno, pour les grands et les petits qui aiment patiner dans l'atmosphere magique de Noel.

A 700 m² ice rink in Piazza Grande in Locarno, for adults and children to have fun skating in a Christmas setting with an enchanting atmosphere.

Copyright by Ticino Turismo Byline: Garbani
TICINO - Valle Verzasca, tuffo nel fiume Verzasca durante un'escursione in bici.

Verzascatal, Sprung in the Fluss Verzasca waehrend einem Fahrradadausflug. 

Val Verzasca, plongeon dans le fleuve Verzasca durant une excursion a velo. 

Verzasca Valley, a jump into the Verzasca river during a cycling excursion.

Copyright by Ticino Turismo
Christof Sonderegger
TICINO - Pausa rinfrescante sulla Piazza di Ascona con vista sul Lago Maggiore, Ticino.

Erfrischungspause auf der Piazza von Ascona mit Aussicht auf den Lago Maggiore, Tessin.

Pause cafe sur la Piazza de Ascona avec vue sur le Lago Maggiore, Tessin.

Coffee Break on the Piazza of Ascona, with view on the Lago Maggiore, Ticino.

Copyright by Ticino Turismo      Byline: Sonderegger
Ticino - Cardada Cimetta panoramica sul  Lago Maggiore.

Cardada Cimetta Panoramablick auf den Lago Maggiore.

Cardada Cimetta panoramic view of Lake Maggiore.

Cardada Cimetta vue panoramique sur le lac Majeur.

Copyright by Ticino Turismo Byline:
Christof Sonderegger


Our prices are designed to ensure you have an affordable yet high-quality stay. In addition, the transparent pricing makes it easy for you to plan your travel costs.

We look forward to offering you an unforgettable camping experience.

01.03.24 - 30.06.24
01.09.24 - 31.10.24
01.07.24 - 31.08.24 +
Children up to 16 yearsCHF4.-CHF5.-
Caravan, caravan, camper up to 5.5mCHF9.5CHF13.-
Caravan, caravan, camper up to 8.5mCHF14.-CHF16.-
Household wasteCHFinkl.CHFinkl.
Dog (1st dog free)CHF2.-CHF2.-
Tourist tax for adults aged 14 +CHF3.25CHF3.25
Var. Service: Cooking / Water / CoolingCHFinkl.CHFinkl.

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